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Fun & Playful In Home Session

I never even knew that in home sessions were an option before jumping into the photography industry; at first glance you might think hmm this may be a little awkward, but you know what? Your home is the place that you and your loved ones are most comfortable, where some of your most special memories are and where you two can really be yourself.

The number one thing that I would recommend, to make sure an in home session is the right option for you, would be to discuss it ahead of time with your S.O, because it is something you BOTH need to be comfortable with in order to have fun. Secondly, decide what your comfort limits are- there are many different types of in home sessions, from newborn photos, to couples photos, you want to make sure you two are on the same page (especially if doing an in home couples session) and decide ahead of times what rooms you are okay having your photographer work in (common rooms used for an in home session include: living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery if applicable). Finally, choose something to wear that you are both comfortable in- if you scroll back on my blog you will see another in home session where the girl is wearing an oversized Nanamacs sweater with thigh high socks. What you wear can influence your comfort level as well as the vibe of the shoot.

Other tips include: Make sure your space is clean/clutter free, choose rooms that are not only well lit but also have good NATURAL light. Try to match your clothing to the vibe of your decor (if you have jewel toned furniture you probably don’t want to be wearing pastels)— when in doubt go with neutrals. Don’t be afraid to include your pets, they are part of your life too! Last but not least.. this is one session where neither of you have to worry about driving, don’t be afraid to loosen up ahead of time with some liquid courage!