Mount Spokane Elopement

Mount Spokane Engagement Session

Peter and Leah are both Physical Therapists, they met while Peter was in school & Leah was teaching. When they reached out to me they were a little nervous about getting photos done for two reasons: 1) They had never gotten their photos done, let alone had ANY photos of the two of them and 2) They said they just weren’t into PDA. I think all of these are great examples of what your session can look like if you just aren’t that “lovey-dovey” couple!

The most important takeaway for my couples is this: I never want to push you outside of your comfort zone. My goal with every session is not to capture what is trendy, or what will get the most Instagram likes- it’s to capture your love EXACTLY the way you are as a couple.

Mount Spokane was showing off for us

And my favorite part of Mt. Spokane- this epic spot