Post Falls Adventure Session


You know those people you meet for the first time and you just instantly know you will get along great? That was Josh and Rachael.

We started the day trekking to the boulders & when we got there, we ran around barefoot in the canyon, before dancing (and laughing at Josh’s dance moves) to their favorite music.


Then it was time to get some photos with their dog, Meeka (the cutest, fluffiest lil pupper I’ve ever met!)

…Sorry Riley…

The best part about adventure sessions is that they are more relaxed, with a lot more time for those natural moments to unfold after you two get comfortable in front of the camera

and outfit changes!

It also allows a lot more time to explore the space we are in so we can get a really wide variety of images- these ones are some of my favorite and we wouldn’t have had time for them without this couple booking an adventure sessions versus just my full session.

If you are still reading this, congrats, you have probably made it through one of my longest posts ever! I seriously wish I could post all the photos from this shoot, but in order to keep things loading quick, here are just a few more faves!