Manito Park Family Session - Rhoads Family Journey

A little backstory- this session was bought as a gift for Josh & his family after recently being diagnosed with a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma (an aggressive and cancerous brain tumor).


I wanted this session to be perfect for this sweet little family, especially considering the circumstances surrounding the shoot- but it wasn’t- it was raining so much that our driveway was flooding and our storm drains overflowing. Wylie and Josh still wanted to shoot, we waited 10 minutes hoping the rain would pass but it just got worse…


That’s when Wylie said to me

“This is so fitting with our story and how we have had to find joy in the storm”


That phrase stuck with me throughout the entire shoot- I will be honest, when I got there and it was raining (after rescheduling to an earlier time to try to avoid the rain) I was upset.. this wasn’t my idea of the perfect shoot I so desperately wanted to give them.

But it turned out that my idea of perfect was not what this family needed in that moment.

They needed the raw and the real life representation of their family- they needed the rain so we could jump in the puddles and hide out in the greenhouse while reading Lo’s unicorn book. They needed the storm to come so that it could eventually pass and they too could be reminded that their own storm will pass, but for now they will find joy in each other despite their circumstances