A Little About Me!

Hey, I’m Mikayla!

I am a full time ICU nurse & couples, elopement/intimate wedding photographer!

Things that make me happy: coffee, all the dogs(!) warm blankets, embarrassingly fruity drinks (preferably on a beach w/ lots of sun & a week long vacay), hiking, big green trees, snuggles w/ my hubs, driving anywhere in the car with country music on, the windows down, & our cute puppy Riley in the back seat (ears flopping everywhere in the wind, tongue out, BIG cheesy dog grin on his face).

There’s nothing I love more than capturing all the funny, silly, weird, & downright ADORABLE moments between two people in love. If you want to be able to forever capture the way it makes you FEEL when your lover wraps you up in a big hug & kisses the sh*t out of you, then book with me.

Alright so now that we got all of that out of the way, are you ready to make some magic? (hint: answer is yes!) Click the contact button and I will be in touch!